Clock with Tics



Clock with Tics

by Michael B. LeBlanc,

Version 1.0, July 2011.

Clock code adapted from

General Eccentric

About this App

Clock with Tics is an Arduino-powered 24-hour digital clock that displays expletives at random intervals.

A clock ‘ticks’. A ‘tic’ (note the different spelling) can be a mental disorder and can manifest itself in a number of ways; most seriously, someone suffering from “Tourette’s Syndrome” will blurt out swearwords involuntarily. I had thought of titling this piece “Time for Tourettes”, but the clock itself is tasteless enough.

This artifact is part of my series “The Technology of Good Intentions” which focuses on ‘failure’ in design. In this case, who has not had an electrical widget that has ‘gone on the fritz’ and suffers from momentary lapses?

Michael LeBlanc is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Design Division at NSCAD University.